In Talks With Backroad Gee: “…do you want me to tell you a fun fact about that Daily Duppy?”

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

5 Nov 2021

He’s the man of the moment.  

The must-have feature for his peers, a highly-anticipated ‘Reporting Live: From The Back Of The Roads’ project, and, not to mention, a career-defining collaboration with Hip Hop royalty, Jay Z, via Netflix’s ‘The Harder They Fall’ movie soundtrack (and that’s without a dinner reservation). 

It was only last year when Backroad Gee hit the ground running with “Party Popper” and “My Family” anthems, causing the masses to swarm to his sporadic sounds and 1-of-1 energy. The Congolese-British rapstar is keen to show you better than he can tell you, and his latest invites us into his dynamic arena of musical ability.  

For the hybrid talent, his aim is to remain his own ‘reporter’ and spokesperson, but to also explore all musical realms and prove that he is more than what meets the eye. Get to know one of London’s most stirring and thriving artists! 

“You’ve had a run! Your mixtape just dropped last night; I want to know how you’re feeling right now?” 

BG: I’m in a good space man. The tapes come out; I’m still working. I’m good, I’m steady. I popped a bottle of champers with team and family so yeah, it was a good moment. It’s finally out, the wait is over… you know what I mean? 

“Were you high when it dropped?” 

BG: I’m always high! (laughs) 

“Talk about some of the highlights for you this year?” 

BG: I can’t lie, all of it is. It’s not been done before for man and it’s all quite new. Man’s still learning – it’s literally everything. 


“It’s interesting to hear you say you’re new to everything… when you first came out, I thought you sounded quite seasoned.” 

BG: I definitely didn’t just start then. I started a few years back. 

“So, let’s pause and talk about Backroad Gee before “My Family” and where music came into play?” 

BG: Music’s always been in my life and I’ve done music from like primary school. I just wouldn’t go to the studio but when man actually took it seriously, it was probably like 5-6 years ago. I was on-and-off, ghosted for a little bit and then when I came out of jail, I rebranded a little bit – before my name was BRG – and yeah man! 

“Were you in jail writing bars?” 

BG: Jail fucked up my- I couldn’t even write too much in there. I wasn’t even in that mood. The one day I came up with something is “I’m Free” which I released when I got out. 

“What was it about that experience that pushed you into third gear?” 

BG: It wasn’t just jail; it was everything I was going through. When I came out, I didn’t wanna still do what I was doing and me and my bredrin said let’s give it one more try. From there, I met with my manager… it took off. It was just meant to happen. 

“Perfect timing. Since then, you’ve dropped singles on singles! What made you feel like it’s time for another body of work?” 

BG: Nothing is freestyled, there’s always a structure. The tape was always gonna come and I’ve had it ready since “Party Pooper” and “My Family”. 

“You’ve sat on it for a minute! What needed to happen next?” 

BG: It’s all about timing. Never unsure about the music. I probably got another 2-3 tapes in the vault; I just keep working. I like working, you know what I’m saying? 

“For me, the tape felt like the first half was jumpy, as opposed to the second half which is more spiritual, cultural and melodic. Take me through the moods of your project?” 

BG: You got some good questions you know, big yourself up – brrr! For me, it’s a journey but I’m giving them a little insight of man. It’s reporting live init, man’s the journalist. I like that you understood how it’s broken down. Top half is jumpy and drilly, and then we turned into slower, dancehall- man tried to really cater to everyone.  

“It felt very balanced. We’re so used to that jumpy Backroad Gee and then that Daily Duppy-” 

BG: Do you want me to tell you a fun fact about that Daily Duppy? Like you said, “Take Time” and all of that is new, but for me it isn’t. That’s what I’ve always been making. The drilly stuff is the new stuff. 

“I love that Backroad Gee, as much as the jumpy stuff. You’ve done something here! Have you thought about tracks you want to perform?” 

BG: Listen, we’re gonna be lit! I won’t lie to you. I wanna be able to perform all of them – soon, soon, soon! They’re all my favourites. 

“I’m your Angolan neighbour, so I’m clued up with Congolese culture. I know that I’m hearing those influences in your music?” 

BG: 100%, my country’s music made me want to be a musician. You know how rappers are inspired by Lil Wayne? I heard Koffi Olomide and wanted to do music! All the other stuff came after. 

“One of my followers actually wanted to know if you could whine your waist?” 

BG: (laughs) Why would they wanna know that?! 

“Because you’re Congolese!” 

BG: Yes I can, but I don’t dance like that in public. I’m too shy for parties. I’ll do it at home – yeah. 

“What’s your family, friends and community in general saying? A lot has changed for you.” 

BG: It’s not easy man! My family and stuff man, they understand what man’s doing and working for. Everyone supports man and shows man the love, you get me? 

“Before I leave you, what’s on your playlist right now?” 

BG: I got some Kodak (Black) on there, SpotemGottem, Buju, Adele… um, who else? My guy, Blaqbonez, King Perryy – I got bare sh*t! C’mon man. 

Backroad Gee’s picks: 

Wake up track: “Crime Partners” (ft Pa Salieu) 

Night out track: “Diamond in da Dirt” (ft Stefflon Don)

Riding out track: “F It” (ft TizzTrap & BG) or “Top Boy” 

Backroad Gee’s newly-released Reporting Live: From The Back Of The Roads mixtape is available on all major streaming platforms. 

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