In Their Own Words: Fresh Creatives For Music [Vol.4]

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

7 Sep 2021

Little to nothing comes without commentary. Especially in music. 

The parallels that I draw between numerous forms of entertainment boil down to one of the most prevalent features. The voices! In sports, all games – big or small – are watched by budding fans, teams and scouts alike. Likewise, music comes with its own crowd. 

Along with every record release, campaign and tour, the roaring cheers, boos from the fans and, sometimes, echoing silence is all a part of the music industry’s make up.  

The creatives listed below are carving out their individual lanes by way of a simple, but effective combination: ear and voice. They’ve given music consumers a significant amount of weight in the wider framework by authentically expressing their relationships with artists and their respective catalogues.  


How best to describe myself? Perhaps some would call me a music commentator or critic, maybe even a tastemaker. Through and through, I’m a music lover. I like discovering new artists and I’m excited most about the UK Rap scene. 

I’ve never been shy to show love online. Over the last 3/4 years I’ve connected with so many artists and managers just through being a fan, showing my appreciation and sharing the music I love with my network. Being genuine and passionate (in retrospect) is how I advanced in the music industry as a presenter and critic, and inevitably how I became a Marketing Manager at a major record label.  

I feel blessed to be part of an artists journey and to support their vision. I’m also grateful for the online platform I have, so will continue to shed light on people making great music and doing great things in our scene. There’s room for everyone. 


If you’re a fan of what someone does, tell them. Malaika [4 years in the game]


Many people think I started doing music related stuff just because I went viral. In fact, it was more of an elevation into the industry I’d already planned to be a part of. God works in mysterious ways. 

I was thrown into the deep end almost straight away and had the opportunity to share a stage with Dave after going number one. I did a Sports Direct commercial with AM & Skengdo through Finesse Forever, who were undeniable in their efforts for me early on. I could never have predicted what was going to happen next but I started managing 3 young producers – they’re blessings in disguise and literally my little brothers. 

I can’t just be another guy that comes, exploits and ghosts. My mission is to put people, especially youth, into positions of power whilst cultivating a mindset of self-improvement. I feel so deeply about helping the next generation. That’s the reason I wake up and get shit done. I’ve been blessed with a platform it’s something I will never take for granted – it’s deeper than rap literally! 

I feel like my impact has been positive and I pray to make more changes. This year I’ve moved into an office with my G, Chloe, and she’s so instrumental. Working with Teeshow and Global Discovery is and will always remain my pleasure. My journey so far has been an amazing rollercoaster, with more ups than downs. Alex [2 1/2 years in the game]


My brand is all about being myself without paying any mind to what anyone thinks, because that’s all I know how to do.

My journey started at the end of the first lockdown, when I was struggling with studying from home. I decided to involve myself with something that I enjoy. I didn’t know where to start so I just emailed random media companies and, luckily, Pie Radio got back to me and took me in. I started off just helping around in the studio and then went on to have my own radio slot and podcast less than 6 months later. A year on now, I’ve branched out onto other platforms such as CORD Socials which was a big moment for me. My aim is to be the voice of the younger generation in our scene – as I’m only 18 myself – and just to have an unforgettable impact on our culture. To be honest, I just wanna be remembered as the goat. Billy [1 year in the game]


My journey is very unorthodox as it started on a chaotic app, Twitter. I started with mini threads and soon, I went viral from a Drake and Kanye thread – one that was even stolen by somebody else. After that, I did another which got the recognition of Joe Budden and that pushed me to do more. 

It took me years to get where I’m at now. I started back in 2016, during the death of my grandma, where music was a coping mechanism for me. A year later, I made my editorial debut on Mixtape Madness which attracted the likes of Giggs, Ms Banks and Stefflon Don. Amelia (host of Chickenshop Date) gave me my first experience as a researcher for her show’s collaboration with Wireless festival and she was my first mentor.

When I unknowingly curated a collaboration between Happi, Ms Banks and Tion Wayne, it made me want to get into the industry properly. This year the unbelievable happened: Groundwork Cypher, LinkUp TV, interviewing Beenie Man to Tiwa Savage and starring in JD Official’s ‘Champions League’ series with Margs, Lippy and Chuckie. I’ve experimented with musical content for many years but 2020 was the full circle moment. I’m an all-around content creator and tastemaker. Mimi [4 years in the game]


It’s funny, my journey in music started fairly recently. My first episode dropped a year ago, featuring the one and only, Sweeney Gloria. However, my musical journey really started from birth.

My name is Kamzo STP and I create content on music. In 2014, I was forced to take part in a music radio course with Reprezent FM and I was extremely skeptical about it at first, but my head of year knew it was my calling way before I even did. I even did it with someone who has really blossomed from it – international DJ, Jeremiah Asiamah. I come from a musical family so to most, this would be something I’d do. My father was a DJ and my brothers (Timbo + Mitch) made up the ‘STP (Stack That Paper)’ collective, so music has always dominated my life.  

Catch me on: my independent music ‘A Brief Seat With Kamzo’ podcast, LinkUp TV’s weekly ‘Off The Record’ show, CORD Socials and the 90s Baby podcast.

I aim to create a sense of togetherness within UK (black) music, similar to what we see in America and to leave an impact on the decisions made by artists. I am never afraid to give my opinion and to scrutinise musicians, if it means a positive effect will be left. It is my job as a music enthusiast to give real opinions on what I love. Kamzo [1 year in the game]


Writing is my first love. I have been writing for a long time, but it wasn’t until last year that I began to publish my work. It can be difficult to put yourself out there and have people read your thoughts on the things you enjoy the most. I will say that publishing my writing is the best thing I have ever done. I like to write about topics in music that do not receive as much coverage and interview artists. My work as a writer means that I prioritise meaningful stories from those who have a lot to say in their music.

I only ever want to enhance the culture and those who are a part of it. Naz Hamdi [1 year in the game]

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