Industry Takeover: Money Matters – 28/11


By Georgina


19 Nov 2013

For many young entrepreneurs, it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to investing money into your business idea. Sourcing the right support and funding is tough, especially in bleak economical times such as now.

Urban Development’s Industry Takeover is a series of events set up especially for young people in need of advice, help and information when it comes to business in the creative industries.

Thursday 28th November will see six leading brains in the industry provide talks and speeches relevant to music management, events organisation, entrepeneurial arts, sports and more, all in one location at Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, London E15 1BX.


NII SACKEY; CEO, Bigga Business
Providing business funding and mentoring opportunities

SARAH THIRTLE; Communications & Events Manager, PRS for Music Foundation
The UK’s leading funder for music organisations, groups and individuals across all genres

VICTOR SAWYERR; Artist Relationship Manager, Arts Council England
Supporting artists and arts organisations to apply for funding

DAVID OLUSEGUN; Young Guns Network & DO Entertainment
Marketing and branding professional who helped set up a networking group created for and run by young people in the music industry

PETER MACNKESS; Business Development, Thrill Capital
Crowdfunding, sponsorship and investment platforms for sports and entertainment

JULIA PAYNE; Founder, The Hub
A dynamic and entrepreneurial arts and creative enterprise enabling others to meet their potential

Limited free tickets are available, but they will be £5 afterwards so snap them up as soon as possible from here.