Innovations in music – Sharetapes


By Georgina


29 Nov 2013

Along the years building up Mixtape Madness, we have spoken to over 500 artists and heard thousands of tracks. Like a cake mix we have learnt that sugar by itself is too sweet and flour on its own is too dull, however all the right ingredients in the right proportion make an oh so delicious cake. So we recently wrote on the 11 ingredients for the perfect mixtape…… well after a recent catch up with Sharetapes, it looks like there could be another very interesting ingredient to add to the mix.

So what are Sharetapes?

They are physical cards that contain NFC (Near Field Communication) chips and QR codes so they can play mixtapes on smartphones and tablets using existing platforms, such as your artist profile page on Mixtape Madness, saved on your very own Sharetape. Perfect for the ever connected world as you can scan these tapes with your smartphones such as Android, Windows or BlackBerry devices.

Create a richer music experience with your fans, by making your music more accessible.

Check out Sharetapes by clicking here