[Interview] Show N’ Prove


By Georgina


26 Nov 2013

Up and coming UK producer Show N Prove started off DJ’ing as a kid, and his move into music production saw him relocate from Scotland to London, where he currently resides.

He recently released Zimma Frame with Maxsta and has produced tracks for Benny Banks, as well as remixing Jessie J’s Wild.

We sat down with him, got acquainted and found out more about the man behind the beats.

Mixtape Madness: We learned that you started out DJ’ing in Edinburgh before you started producing music, but have you ever heard a beat you wish you’d created?
Show N Prove: This changes daily, but Fuse by Hudson Mohawke is a sick beat.

MM: Which artists would you love to work with?
SNP: Kwabs, he’s amazing. Slick Rick too, and I always say the legend Finley Quaye.

MM: So is it true that Zimma Frame came about after you saw an old man skanking in a club?
SNP: The song actually came first and inspired the old man skanking idea. Me and Takura went to Wetherspoons to test out the track and bob’s your uncle, the video was sorted!

[youtube id=”viwBGxn6BU0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

MM: How did the collaboration with Maxsta for Zimma Frame come about?
SNP: Maxsta is a close friend of mine and he loved the beat so he just jumped on it. It was meant to be a 16 but ended up being like 64 bars. Maxsta’s a beast! He just dropped a video for it too, shot by G-Shock.

MM: We have tons of producers in the UK, so what do you think differentiates you and sets you apart from the rest?
SNP: I think my suond is very distinguishable. People know my beats without using any annyoing ‘Maybach music’ type tags or anything. Also my work rate and versatility hopefully plays a big part.

MM: With producers like David Guetta and Calvis Harris really rocking the festival scene globally, does that impact your vision of where you would like to be in five years’ time?
SNP: Definitely! Of course I wanna have long blonde hair and shoot Rita Ora’s club up.

MM: You’ve done Glastonbury and DJ’d for Rizzle Kicks and Dappy – what’s next for you?
SNP: Onwards and upwards really. More singles, videos, gigs and touring, and I’ve got some cool collaborations coming soon too. 2014 is gonna be hectic!

[youtube id=”gddDFGMHImo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

MM: So My People is released on December 8th. Do you have any up and coming gigs?
SNP: Defo! I’m gonna be announcing a bunch of stuff very soon. Stay locked into my Twitter and Facebook pages.

MM: Thanks Show N Prove – we can’t wait to hear your future projects and hopefully catch you live soon.
SNP: Big up Mixtape Madness! Been supporting me since Show N Prove Instrumentals vol 1!