Introducing French Rapper Kekra: I put the “social” in social distancing

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

28 Jun 2020

In an era where being a masked artist seemed far-fetched, the French rapper sported the mask with such confidence, you would wonder whether he was a bandit or an artist. Regardless, one thing is for sure, Kekra is a well rounded, rhythmic, and versatile rapper. Which leads us to his love for the UK Drill sound, before others outside the UK, warmed to the sound. Tracks like Telephone Maison clearly show this, not to forget 9 Milli, a track deeply rooted to the UK Garage sound. It is clear to see the early adoption and admiration for the UK sound.

A master in travel, Kekra has managed to not only expand his versatility in music but also in his adventures around the world. Japan, Togo, Thailand, and most recent Britain, Kekra has established himself as a master of the art he creates. So much so, to the point where it seems he doesn’t need a feature off of other rappers. With only one feature; Vrealite ft Niska – it’s very rare to get such a feature from the French artist!

Having recently returned his brand new track Datejust, Kekra’s visit to London has allowed the rapper to add to his visual craft, as well as see the city in a time where it seemed everyone was sporting the “Kekra mask”. One aspect of Kekra’s artistry, is his visual depiction of injustice among the elite – a topic which we find ourselves discussing.

Kekra always seems to illustrate an uprising of the masses, leading to freedom from oppression. Only time will tell if we see a collaboration in the UK, as we patiently await his next material!

You can watch the visuals for Datejust below. Look out for 4 extra bonus tracks from his Freebase 4 project!