Irish Drill Rapper Sello Drops New Single “Irish Girls” With Reggie B In Anticipation Of New Mixtape ‘Sellotape’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

20 Jun 2022

Rising from Ireland, Gaelic drill rapper Sello drops new track “Irish Girls” announcing upcoming debut mixtape ‘Sellotape’ dropping next month.

Describing Gaelic Drill as a fusion of traditional Irish culture with a modern drill/ hip hop sound, Sello aims to create a new era of music. Delivering unique sounds through distinctive wordplay and slick flows, Sello is determined to make his mark on the Irish, UK scene and further.

Speaking on the upcoming project Selló says: “I feel this tape is something I’m super proud of and I’m happy I’m being real to myself. I feel like this will change the way Irish music is taken in and also will encourage people to be authentic to themselves and their music.”

Tap in to Sello’s new track “Irish Girls” in the visuals above!