Jamilah Barry Blesses Us With ‘Adore’ Live Session

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

20 Mar 2021

Following the release of her Romance Me EP, Jamilah Barry has blessed us with an expressive 4-minute live session of the EP’s opening track – Adore.

She is joined by Jonothan Njoku on the piano, in this homely studio set-up. This, coupled with the cinematic effect in the video creates a comfortable environment with an authentic feel; catering to the rawness which she uses to carry herself throughout, as she graces her audience with this love song.

In Adores original production (mastered by Nicholas Rhodes) the combination of elements derived from Soul music and RnB provide a solid foundation for Barry’s musical talent to power through. Much like the recorded track, throughout this performance, her raspy, angelic vocals conquer the piano’s keys as she fuels each line delivered, with emotion.

Watch Jamilah Barry’s Adore Live Session Above! | Adore Available to Stream on All Platforms!