Jaz Karis Comes Through With ‘MET YOU AT A BAR’ Single

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

27 Feb 2024

Soulful singer-songwriter Jaz Karis is living up to her potential with her new single, ‘MET YOU AT A BAR’. The track features a cameo from American songwriter Tone Stith and has also been accompanied by an atmospheric music video shot by Daisy Maskell & Anastasia Liasi.

Karis is on her way to stardom thanks to her outstanding vocals and blend of musical influences. Taking inspiration from Soul and R&B all the way to Amapiano and Afropop, this is an artist with no musical boundaries, contributing to her unique and eclectic style.

Speaking on her latest single, the artist stated:

“MET YOU AT A BAR for me is really a depiction of a lot of dating experiences in my generation. It’s full of romance and sweet nothings but ultimately doesn’t lead to anything serious because of the lack of trust between two people. Sonically we wanted it to feel warm and inviting but the conversation between me and Tone remains bittersweet.”