Jeshi Drops Latest Single ‘Paid Partnership’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

17 Oct 2023

One of the most exciting and innovative voices within UK Rap, Jeshi has released his new single, ‘Paid Partnership’. Across a whirring instrumental, the artist demonstrates his ability for straight talking lyricism and instrospective songwriting, showing the talents that have made him so highly regarded.

Last year Jeshi announced himself with his ‘Universal Credit’ project, which arrived to critical acclaim and situated the artist at the forefront of the ever growing Alternative UK Rap scene. He recently returned with his ‘Air Raid’ single, and has since announced the release of his next project, ‘The Great Stink’.

Speaking on the release, Jeshi states:

The Great Stink is a metaphor for all this stinky shit going on in my day-to-day life in London, we wanted to make an EP that really feels like that. Entirely produced by longtime collaborators and friends Max Frith and Cajm with help from Fredwave and Jonah we recorded and worked on this in this haunted feeling air bnb in the middle of nowhere in Wales.

The new single ‘Paid Partnership’ is really tongue and cheek all about this generation’s ability to make money selling shit online and the mad life that comes with that… wanted to do something funny.”