Jeshi Drops Latest EP ‘The Great Stink’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

24 Oct 2023

One of the most exciting artists to emerge from the world of Alternative UK Rap in recent years, Jeshi has come through with his latest project, ‘The Great Stink’. Blending straight talking lyricism with political commentary across swirling instrumentals, there is no doubting Jeshi’s artistry as he establishes himself as a unique talent.

Following on from last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Universal Credit’ project, the artist has unveiled a new six track EP after dropping two singles in the build up to the release. The project has been named after a historical event in London from 1858, where hot temperatures caused the sewage in the river Thames to carry a smell across the city.

Speaking on the project, Jeshi states:

 “The Great Stink is a metaphor for all this stinky shit going on in my day-to-day life in London, we wanted to make an EP that really feels like that. Entirely produced by longtime collaborators and friends Max Frith and Cajm with help from Fredwave and Jonah we recorded and worked on this in this haunted feeling air bnb in the middle of nowhere in Wales.”