JGrrey Shows Personality On ‘Boys?’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

25 May 2023

UK R&B and Neo-Soul artist JGrrey has taken a new departure on her Rock influenced new single, ‘Boys?’. The artist showcases her personality and lyrical aptitude throughout the track, as she holds the men (or boys) in her life accountable for the multitude of ways they have wronged her.

Always possessing a talent for witty, tongue-in-cheek lyricism, this latest offering is demonstrative of what makes JGrrey such a personable artist. While the majority of her discography has a more recognisable ethereal sound, it is clear that on ‘Boys?’ that the energy from the artist is different. Leaning in to more of a Rock instrumental style complements the lyric of the track well, as it feels as if JGrrey has a lot to get off her chest.

Speaking on the track, the artist states:

“Boys? is a song for the girls and the gays who hated school, PE, religious education, being told what to wear and what to do. Boys? is an f you to every ex who made me feel shit about myself, any tiny man child that doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to articulate more than a desire to go to the pub on a Friday.  Boys just make you cry who needs them?  And I couldn’t of said it better myself.”

Having already seen success in the early stages of her career thanks to songs such as ‘Pretty Insane’ and ‘Don’t Fade’, which earned her a COLORS performance, her new single shows an artist who is still willing to experiment. As UK R&B continues to have a resurgence, there is no reason why JGrrey can’t be a leading figure in the genre, as well as trying her hand at others.