Jim Legxacy Releases First Single Of The Year With ‘Old Place’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

2 Mar 2023

Jim Legxacy has released his highly anticipated new single, ‘old place’ – his first release of 2023. The south London artist has been tipped to have a breakout year, and this new track is demonstrative as to why he is so highly rated.

Coming in just over the one and a half minute mark, Legxacy is able to display his ability as a lyricist and beatmaker in a relatively short space of time. The artist is difficult to pin down to any one genre, drawing on inspiration from UK Genres such as Grime and Drill all the way through to alternative acts such as Bon Iver. On the track, Jim reminisces about a past relationship and how it fell apart. His emotive vocal performance is juxtaposed with a Harlem Spartans sample, offsetting each other perfectly.

The release is accompanied by a music video with infectious energy, featuring the artist and his crew singing along to the song on the DLR. Legxacy also pays homage to those that came before him in the video, as it features the iconic Channel U logo in the top corner at the start of the track. With his last full length release dropping in 2021, we can expect another project from Jim Legxacy this year as he continues to be undefined by genre, reshaping the musical landscape in the process.