Jim Legxacy Shares Debut Project “Dynasty Program”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

5 Nov 2019

Jim Legxacy has just released his brand new debut project entitled Dynasty Program.

South East London native Jim Legxacy is an alternative rapper, singer, producers and composer. Growing up listening to the likes of Frank Ocean and Kanye West, Jim Legxacy started putting pen to paper and created his own authentic sound.

The 7 track project represents his journey on finding “a darker, sharper and better version of himself that has come to terms with all losses and trauma of his past” in a bid to be accepted into the ‘Dynasty Program’, which aims to “extract poverty and transgressions from your lineage“. Tackling and discussing various issues regarding racism, substance abuse, heartache and family. Tracks like Treehouse Act 1&2, Jim Legxacy opens up about his battle with alcohol and weed as escapism versus his need for closure. On Bloodstains II unpacks the racism and xenophobia that his father endured to provide him a ‘better’ life in the UK, and what he has done with it.

This is project is a refreshing yet vulnerable body of work worth listening too.

Speaking on Dynasty Program, Jim Legxacy stated “This record is inspired by multiple events in the past 2 years of my life and they detail my struggles, frustrations and dualities, in summary it is the creative expression that represents the development of a young black male in south east London dealing with things such as love, racism (institution & societal), substance abuse for escapism, death and the imprisonment of loved ones, overprotective parenting, immigration & and the pressures of being of the first generation in my family to be born in a more economically developed country”.

Listen to Dynasty Program below and on Apple Music here.