Talk To Him Important: The Definitive Breakdown Of Jordy’s Discography

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

7 Apr 2023

King of the short release, Jordy unveiled his latest project ‘prophets in their own town’ last week. The Essex rapper is making a name for himself as one of the best lyricists this country has to offer, and is at the forefront of the new wave of Alternative UK Rap, standing alongside the likes of Knucks, Joe James, and Bawo. We took this opportunity to break down his solo discography, highlighting the best tracks from each EP as well as some heaters that slipped under the radar:

Project: Have a Good Summer

This three-track EP was the first real glimpse into what Jordy was really all about as an artist. The opener, ‘A13’, remains one of the biggest hits of his career, while the other two tracks show off other weapons in the rapper’s arsenal. A13’s woozy instrumental and sharp lyricism still make the track an integral part of Jordy’s discography, moving effortlessly between two faultless verses and a smart hook.

Tiggs Da Author then makes a guest appearance on ‘Regular’. The king of hooks links up with Jordy in a more melodic turn for the rapper, before the tape closes with ‘Visions’. The concluding track really allows Jordy to showcase his flows and witty wordplay against a saxophone-tinged beat produced by New Machine. The production is stellar across the three tracks and gives a great introduction to Jordy’s pen game and sonic tendencies. 

Best Track: A13

Sleeper Track: Visions

Project: SMH

Jordy’s longest solo release to date, this seven-song EP is demonstrative of his versatility. We move from the infectious melodies of ‘Cherry B’ to the vibrant sounds of Amapiano on ‘Feel Right Now’, all the way through to the Grime-coded tirade of bars on ‘Crinkum Crankum’. The levels of Jordy’s wordplay and delivery have been upped, as the artist gets introspective on the opening track, ‘Cynical’, before opening up to his audience on the heartfelt track ‘Therapist’ towards the end of the project.

We also get to hear the first link-up between Jordy and his cousin, Elt Cheekz, on the final track ‘Die 4 The Bro’. The pair have an unrivalled chemistry and complement each other excellently with their raw, hard-hitting bars. The highlight of this project however has to be ‘Dark And Light’. Jordy delivers a quality verse to open the track before the beat switches towards the back end, giving the rapper a platform to deliver an understated outdo against the backdrop of guitar strings and backing vocals. ‘SMH’ is thus an ambitious project in terms of the variety of soundscapes, but Jordy has the musical dexterity to shine throughout.

Best Track: Dark & Light

Sleeper Track: Feel Right Now

Project: KMT

‘Best of the best, Man can’t tell me nothing’ is how Jordy arrives on the opening track of ‘KMT’. Lyrically, this may be Jordy’s most complete project to date. There are no wasted bars on the opener, ‘SERIOUS SICKHEAD’, while the playful ‘BUCK ME’ shows a different side to the artist, once again linking up with Elt Cheekz against a bouncy instrumental. Cheeky makes a further appearance on ‘SPECIAL’, the concluding song of the project, where both rappers bounce off each other as they go back to back in one of the stand out moments of the tape.

It is also testament to Jordy’s barring ability that he managed to secure a feature from one of the greatest to ever do it, Wretch 32, on the track ‘FORTY ACRES’. Both rappers trade verses and get the best out of each other through their sparring match, showing that Jordy can hang with the very best when it comes to vivid wordplay and lyricism. The rapper shines the brightest on ‘ENEMIES’, accompanied by an ethereal, guitar-driven instrumental that acts as a perfect soundscape for Jordy to unravel a four-minute reflection and introspection of his place in the game. ‘KMT’ shows Jordy in his element – comfortable in his own style whilst showing off his innate ability to find flows and pockets to show off his supreme lyricism. 

Best Track: ENEMIES

Sleeper Track: FORTY ACRES

Project: prophets in their own town

This latest offering only comes in at just over eleven minutes long, but Jordy is able to pack in some of his best work in a relatively short time period. He is at his braggadocious best on the intro track, ‘beanos’, before he puts in one of his best performances to date on ‘beg pardon’. The soulful instrumental suits Jordy down to a T, giving him the opportunity to flow effortlessly with a string of smart one-liners including a smart Eduardo Camavinga bar.

The rapper continues his imperious form on ‘no ceilings’, dropping the line ‘I was banking on myself way before anybody else did, Betting on myself like I’m Ivan Toney’. The production across the EP feels cohesive, with each track linking perfectly with the next. Jordy once again links up with his cousin on the closing and titular track, ‘prophets in their own town’. The strings give this offering a melancholic feel, as both rappers deliver razor-sharp, straight-talking verses that match the gravity of the instrumental. There is a maturity to this project that shows the rapper’s growth as an artist from his debut EP. There are very few artists in the UK right now who can chat to Jordy when it comes to penmanship, and ‘prophets in their own town’ serves as a reminder of this.

Best Track: beg pardon

Sleeper Track: prophets in their own town

With more music seemingly on the way this year, it is Jordy’s time to cement himself as a leader in his field. The rapper is an outstanding talent, as evidenced by his exceptional catalogue, and his latest EP shows that he is only moving in an upward trajectory. If ‘prophets in their own town’ is anything to go by, we can expect the next project from the artist to be a seminal one.