Project Review: Jordy Shows His Class On ‘SNM’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

8 Mar 2024

Over the past few years Jordy has established himself as one of the best lyricists in UK Rap. His commitment to dropping short projects backed with top tier instrumentals and bars with substance have meant that he has been able to build a core fanbase, as well as attracting co-signs from everyone from Skepta to Pusha T. 

From going toe to toe with Wretch 32 on ‘Forty Acres’ to demonstrating his elite pen game on tracks like ‘Beg Pardon’ and ‘Enemies’, this is an artist who continues to develop and perfect his craft. Last year saw the Filthy Fella step out of his comfort zone, dropping an R&B inspired project called ‘The Love Ting’. 2024 however sees a return to what is now a trilogy of EPs, following on from ‘SMH’ and ‘KMT’ with his new drop, ‘SNM’. 

The eight track release kicks off with ‘Minimum Wage’, where Jordy taps into the ups and downs of his experience in the music industry with refreshing honesty. This song sets the tone for the rest of the project in terms of production, using minimal drums and subtle backing vocals  that allow the rapper space to execute his bars. The attention to detail in production across the tape is first class, tapping into soulful samples on ‘PLT’ as well as a smooth bass riff on ‘The Most Generous’. This is an artist who has never been afraid to experiment with his instrumentals and test his ability on new sounds, but as his career progresses he has managed to find a signature style.

Shot with NOMO CAM 135 P.

There is however a significant amount of variation as we work through the EP, helped out by a couple of guest appearances from featured artists. Jordy links up with his cousin and frequent collaborator ELT Cheekz on ‘Tour Money’, a track which demonstrates sensational chemistry between the pair, as well as Jordy’s ability not only as a high level MC but also as a songwriter. The inclusion of Cheekz gives the artist the room to maneuver as a vocalist as well as a lyricist. Moreover, the long awaited ‘Wonderkid’ featuring JME brings a higher level of energy to the project. The song showcases both artists as they experiment with an almost staccato flow, living up to the expectation after the artist kept fans waiting on the single for months. 

The back end of ‘SNM’ sees the Essex rapper at his ferocious best on ‘Nu Flow’, exhibiting his knack for finding pockets on beats as he unloads a tirade of smart bars. This takes us to the final track of the project, ‘Tax Time’, which bookmarks the EP nicely as Jordy again gets introspective talking about the pressures his family face as well as the pitfalls of life as a rapper trying to keep his audience on side.  In this era of 20 track albums with multiple throwaway songs, it’s nice to see a shorter release which has been expertly crafted at every level. Jordy has developed a cult following over the years that looks set to expand even further, certifying himself as one of the very best in this country.

Star Rating: 4/5