Joya Mooi Shares Her Brand New EP ‘Blossom Carefully’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

20 Oct 2020

Hailing from Amsterdam, Joya Mooi has unveiled her brand new EP titled, Blossom Carefully.

Consisting of 6 beautifully woven tracks, Joya Mooi continue to delve deep into her connection with nature, spirituality and her growing need to escape – which many of us can relate to! Including pre-released tracks, Good Girl, Bitter Parts and Hold You Tight, the rising songstress takes you on a butter-like and dreamy journey through her airy and soft vocals from start to finish.

Speaking on the release, Joya Mooi commented; “Normally when I create I tend to reflect on the past but for my EP I wanted to connect to go somewhere I haven’t been. Drawing inspiration from spiritual, social and political themes and personal stories, but mostly my own imagination in order to envision my wishes for the future. On Blossom Carefully I feel like I have constructed a reality where I can be free.”

Listen to the Blossom Carefully EP below.