JusHarry And K4CIE Link Up On ‘New Place’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

3 Oct 2023

JusHarry, one of Scotland’s hottest Rap talents, has linked up with K4CIE for their latest track, ‘New Place’. K4CIE’s production complements JusHarry’s smooth flows, with the track accompanied by a cinematic music video shot by Sedisa DOP.

The single showcases the potential of both artists, with K4CIE demonstrating a penchant for melodic production, showing undeniable chemistry with her rapping counterpart. JusHarry shows a level of comfort over the beat, and it is no surprise that he has received co-signs from the likes of Charlie Sloth.

Scotland is an underrepresented part of UK Rap culture but JusHarry certainly has the talent to put his country on the map. With the backing of a stellar producer, there are no limits to what this duo can achieve.