Dublin Rapper JYellowL Comes Through With ‘Nausea’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

18 Apr 2023

Irish rapper JYellowL has dropped off his latest single ‘Nausea’, fresh off of his previous release ‘La Vie Est Belle’. Produced by Evil Genius, his latest offering demonstrates a sharp lyricism as the rapper looks to build on the successes of his blossoming career.

Born to Jamaican and Nigerian parents but raised in Dublin, JYellowL has a unique perspective that shines through in his musical output. His melodic flows coupled with his strong pen game make him one of the most exciting artists in an Irish Hip-Hop scene that is growing by the day.

Speaking on the track the artist stated:

“The track is about the feeling you get when you’re really into someone, butterflies in your stomach when you reminisce on intimate moments you shared with them. Feeling like you’ve met your perfect match, feeling it so intensely that it makes you nauseous. Recalling the first time you met and having to reassure that person that this was not going to be like previous experiences. Acknowledging that some of the issues you’re dealing with are a by-product of the baggage they’ve carried on from past experiences but enduring it all the same. Toxic and Love sick.”

Having already found success from tracks such as ‘Ozone’ and ‘Oh Lawd’, the latter of which featuring on the soundtrack to Normal People, the future looks bright for JYellowL. The artist can certainly be a trailblazer in the Irish Rap scene, and will hope to see his domestic success echoed in the UK.