K.Lewis dedicates powerful new single “Samaritans” to Mental Health Awareness Week

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

14 May 2021

Following recent captivating releases “Dump It” and “B On The Map”, rising artist K.Lewis returns adapting his usual delivery with an alternate, highly advanced sound. Dedicating the anticipated release to ‘Mental Health Awareness Month’, K.Lewis lays his heart on the track, projecting intense, deep-felt emotive wordplay surrounding the societal issues of depression and suicide. Constructing “Samaritans” based on authentic emotions, K.Lewis sends a hugely significant message allowing audiences to resonate with the severity and meaningfulness of the track, with visuals directed by The Sixth Man.

Displaying a sincere empathetic attitude, K.Lewis confidently intends to reach widespread target audiences, using his lyricism to demonstrate the strong importance of the song. The gripping beat produced by Vivace and MFS (mixed and mastered by MFS), instantly captivates listeners through the innovative, subtle use of a heart monitor sound. Shedding light on current issues K.Lewis takes a step back from his usual musical output, utilising his voice and platform to benefit others.

Renowned for his involvement in the rise of Christian Rap, K.Lewis’ spirituality undeniably presents his optimistic, encouraging aura. Being able to embed this originality into his music, showing the lengths K.Lewis will go to help spread awareness.

Check out the visuals to K.Lewis “Samaritans” here !