K-Trap Unveils Debut Album ‘Smile?’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

31 May 2024

One of the most influential UK rappers of this decade, K-Trap has come through with his debut album, ‘Smile?’. Across 19 tracks the South London artist lives up to the high expectations many held for this release, demonstrating a variety and versatility that shows growth as an artist.

For the best part of seven years Trapo has put the scene on his back and delivered a slew of iconic records along the way. ‘Smile?’ sees the artist take more risks artistically, tapping into different production styles and basing the concept of the tape around a therapy session.

With guest appearances from the likes of D-Block Europe, Blade Brown, and Highlyy amongst others, there is a great balance to the album that feels as if it’s been carefully curated. While K-Trap has already established himself as a great of his generation, this project underlines his continued authority amongst the UK scene.