Kaleena Zanders’s EP “PATCHWORK” is a vibrant tapestry of songs

Natalie Patrick

By Natalie Patrick

Natalie Patrick

9 Jun 2023

Kaleena Zanders, the rising star in the dance music scene, has unleashed her highly anticipated EP, “PATCHWORK.” Drawing inspiration from iconic Black vocalists of ’90s house music, Zanders delivers a captivating blend of classic throwback sounds and a modern vocal-driven approach. The EP showcases her incredible range and powerful voice, taking listeners on a sonic journey that defies boundaries and transcends time.

“PATCHWORK” is a vibrant tapestry of songs, each with its own unique identity, yet unified by Zanders’ unmistakable talent and the emotions she effortlessly conveys. With a mix of influences and genres, this EP caters to diverse tastes and creates an electrifying and engaging musical experience for everyone.

“This is just the tip, and I have so much more to show everyone,” Zanders passionately shares about her latest project. “PATCHWORK is like little different colored wires from my energy plugging into the musical universe to provide a little joy and relief for whoever is listening.”

Before its official release, “PATCHWORK” has already made waves in the industry, achieving remarkable milestones. The EP’s singles have garnered over 10 million streams, with Zanders’ collaboration with Shift K3Y and Alex Mills, “V I B R A T I O N,” reaching the #1 position on the Billboard US Dance/Mixshow Airplay charts. The project has also garnered global radio support from esteemed stations such as Sirius XM, BPM, Pitbull’s Globalization, and Diplo’s Revolution.

In the creative process behind “PATCHWORK,” Zanders embraced collaboration, working with a talented group of individuals who provided fresh perspectives and instant feedback. Notable collaborators on the EP include Shift K3Y, Alex Mills, Paul Harris, James Hurr, Poppy Baskcomb, Adam Novodor, and LENNO, each contributing their unique magic to the project. Through shared laughter, personal stories, and effortless songwriting sessions, the songs on “PATCHWORK” came to life.

As an advocate for underrepresented female vocalists in dance music, Zanders stands alongside marginalized artists, elevating BIPOC and queer voices in the genre. Her empowering remix package of “RELOAD,” featuring exclusively BIPOC and queer artists, has garnered praise and attention from Forbes, demonstrating her commitment to fostering a more diverse and inclusive dance music community.