Kanye West takes us to church

Parris Walters

By Parris Walters

Parris Walters

1 Mar 2019

Kanye is back in the spotlight, but this time, it is for something relatively positive.

Footage from Kanye West’s most recent ‘Sunday Service’ made its way to the TL and to our screens and quite frankly, many of us were amazed.

The video shows a bright, outdoor setting, where we can see a predominantly black choir singing in unison and dancing whilst West enthusiastically plays the keyboard and dances along approvingly; all of them dressed in white. For those of us who didn’t know much or anything at all about ‘Sunday Service’, we’re seeing a relatively new side to Kanye and many can agree that the music mogul appears to be happy and in good spirits.

Despite the warm, community vibes of it all, I’m sure the guest list for West’s ‘Sunday Service’ is pretty exclusive, but that doesn’t stop our curiousity.

Whilst the clip went viral and social media displayed a majorly positive response, there are still some that refuse to be caught up in the grandeur of it all. Critics are quick to remind us of Kanye’s tumultous past in the press and how his controversial views have impacted the culture.

Overall, West seems to be consistent with his mission to preach positivity and unity, with having posted this tweet on New Years Day:

Perhaps ‘Sunday Service’ is just one of the many ways he aims to do so.

Check out the visuals below and let us know what you think.