KAYY R unveils visuals to debut release “On Tour”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

4 May 2021

Constantly developing his craft as a rising rapper, Kayy R wraps up peoples long awaited anticipation unleashing new debut release “On Tour”.

Instantly captivating listeners with an extremely catchy hook, Kayy R flows effortlessly on the hard-hitting beat produced by PMD. Presenting his evident distinctiveness, Kayy R offers a unique delivery accompanied by an undeniable ability to resonate with many audiences. Creating an enjoyable listening experience, Kayy R manages to implement an authentic sense of execution that makes the track so inviting to take in.

As Kayy R continues to thrive and showcase potential from his debut release, elevation is expected to occur all 2021!

Check out the visuals to Kayy R – “On Tour” above!