Kelvin Krash Unveils Debut New Album Entitled ‘HARSH’ Featuring A$AP Rocky

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

29 Sep 2023

Hailing from Willesden, North-West London, Kelvin Krash is a multi-talented musician, visual designer, producer, all-round multi-disciplinary mastermind; this week he has unveiled his debut album ‘HARSH’.

Coming in the form of a thirteen track project “HARSH” includes high profile features from that of A$AP Rocky and COUCOU CHLOE. Fiercely protective of his own narrative, Krash keeps his eye on the big picture – talking on the project, he says “It sets a good example for me to build things myself, push the values I believe in,”“With Krashed I want to keep adding more bricks to the building – it’s about trying to create a world.”

The new album can be streamed below and the latest visuals can be watched above