Ken Carson Drops New Track ‘Overseas’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

16 Apr 2024

In celebration of his 24th birthday, US rapper Ken Carson has unveiled his latest single, ‘Overseas’. The track takes lyrical inspiration from his European tour and demonstrates the artist’s ear for vibrant, distorted production.

Carson is also coming off the back of his Coachella debut and will be appearing again at the festival on April 19th. To further celebrate another year around the sun, Carson will be releasing an exclusive Xbox that fans can sign up for a chance to win. This ties in with his ‘X Man’ nickname.

Having rose to stardom off the back of his ‘A Great Chaos’ project, Carson has gained admirers from heavy hitters including Drake, Jay Z, and J Cole. There is no doubting that this is an artist on the up who will be looking to take over in the remainder of the year.