Kenny Allstar Calls In Country Dons For Freestyle Series ‘The Generals Corner’

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

17 Jun 2021

Kickstarting his brand new freestyle series “The Generals Corner” 2 weeks ago with rapper M24, prominent DJ and Radio Presenter Kenny Allstar returns with highly anticipated follow up freestyle by Country Dons.

Delivering hard-hitting bars throughout a variety of highly distinctive flows, the three rising artists showcase their talents individually and as a collective. With menacing production by Saint Cardona and DefBeats, Country Dons go back to back demonstrating an enjoyable listening experience!

Kenny Allstar turns it up a notch with each and every freestyle, exciting audiences for what’s next to come!

Check out Kenny Allstar’s latest ‘The Generals Corner’ Freestyle with Country Dons above!