Key Glock Chronicles His History of Flexing with ‘Son Of A Gun’ Mixtape

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

22 May 2020

Memphis Rapper Key Glock has returned with his brand new mixtape Son Of A Gun.

Stacking flex after flex with wit and panache, Son Of A Gun finds Key Glock in rare form, methodically laying out his case for rap supremacy over the tape’s 15 tracks. Son Of A Gun showcases Glock’s crackling chemistry with PRE producer Bandplay, who delivers sparsely absorbing soundscapes for the Memphis native to annihilate.

Continuing Glock’s tradition of shouldering every track without features, Son Of A Gun boasts highlights like the noirish, flow-shifting Come Thru the percolating, Spanish guitar-laden Money Talk  and Glock’s revealing mission statement Rich Blessed N Savage; “B*tch, I ball, it’s necessary / I’m cool as Ben & Jerry / If you don’t like me, blame my parents / Sit down if you can’t stand me,” asserts Glock on the latter track.

Listen to Son Of A Gun below and on Apple Music here.