Genereal Election; Key Television Dates

Imoh Ekpo

By Imoh Ekpo

Imoh Ekpo

28 May 2017

On April, the 18th, Outside Downing Street, Prime Minister, Theresa May shocked the nation by calling a general election, after previously announcing publicly that this was something she was not considering. With polling day set to take place on June the 8th and voter registration now closed; Here are the key dates on television we should all be on the lookout for, to help you make a more informed voting decision.

28/05/2017: Nicola Sturgeon (Leader of the SNP) interviewed by BBC’s Andrew Neil. BBC1 (6.00PM)


29/05/2017: Paul Nuttall (Leader of UKIP) interviewed by BBC’s Andrew Neil. BBC1 (7.30PM)


29/05/2017: Jeremey Corbyn (Leader of Labour) and Theresa May (Prime Minister) interviewed by Channel 4’s Jeremy Paxman. Channel 4 (8.00PM)

Jeremy Corbyn (left) and Theresa May (right)

30/05/2017: Scottish National Party (SNP) publish their public manifesto.


31/05/2017: BBC seven-way election debate featuring key figures from each party. May and Corbyn will not be in attendance. BBC1 (7.30PM)


01/06/2017: Tim Farron (Leader of the Liberal Democrats) interviewed by BBC’s Andrew Neil. BBC1 (7.00PM)


04/06/2017: Leanne Wood (Leader of Plaid Cymru) and Paul Nuttall (Leader of UKIP) take election question. BBC1 (10.30PM)