Khalil Madovi Cuts In With Slick “Mango Habanero” Freestyle

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

21 Jul 2021

Khalil Madovi has dropped off his unique spin on the Drake-led “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” phenomenon with brand-new “Mango Habareno” freestyle – a nod to his favourite flavour. 

The rapper-actor allows for candid and transparent thoughts to flow as he unpacks his growth, family and his career. Maintaining a steady cadence throughout means each and every bold rhyme from Khalil is felt. 

Following a hit TV show and recent musical endeavours, the BAFTA-winning artist is returning to the scene as a refined creative! This is a journey you want to lock into. 

Take Mango Habanero Freestyle in above.