KiLLOWEN Unveils Debut Project ‘Pub Therapy’

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

27 Oct 2023

Hailing from West London, KiLLOWEN is an artist who has created waves within the UK scene over the past year and a half. Having blown up on TikTok with his singles ‘Bar Fights and Poetry’ and ‘Sober’, the 24 year old has culminated a dedicated audience and fanbase; today marked the release of his debut project release of ‘Pub Therapy’.

With most of the new project produced by KiLLOWEN himself, ‘Pub Therapy’ is a transformative documentation of his life from boyhood to adulthood as he comes to learn about himself, his vices and understanding his emotions. Made up of 9 tracks, KiLLOWEN effortlessly blends aspects of UK Rap, garage and elements of jungle into a whole brand new sound.

On the EP, KiLLOWEN explains; “Pub Therapy explores the concept of using vices to access and express one’s emotions. It is a journey from ignorance and innocence into the struggles of everyday life and how that can weigh on us as people. The concept of “Pub Therapy” can be relatable to everyone, as it is something almost everyone participates in at some point in their lives, whether they’re aware of it or not. This project was a way for me to convey my struggles with imposter syndrome and dive deeper into my past and present situations in order to find out who I really am.”

Watch the visuals for ‘One Thing’ taken off the project and stream ‘Pub Therapy above.