Kima Otung Delivers Her Honest ‘We Are Not Soldiers’ Track

Amanda Da Great

By Amanda Da Great

Amanda Da Great

21 Sep 2021

Having flourished in her previous, female-empowering track I’m Cute, and setting out to continue the rollout for her forthcoming Note To Self EP, arising songstress Kima Otung is back to shift the mood and getting honest in her latest drop We Are Not Soldiers. 

We Are Not Soldiers allows for Otung’s raspy vocals to power above the sad sonic qualities driving the song forward, making for an introspective and candid work; a stark contrast from the vibrant energy she made use of in I’m Cute. As the instrumental progresses, it becomes more layered and film-score based; creating a sound intended to get listeners feeling emotive.

Speaking on We Are Not Soldiers Kima commented, “Being labelled as strong can be damaging. It often means that people won’t treat you with the level of care and consideration that they would others, and they’ll pile things on your plate because you’re “strong” and should be able to handle it. We have seen some effects of this with black women being 5 times more likely to die during childbirth in the UK, and black women being expected to carry the mantel when it comes to fighting racial injustice. We are no stronger than anyone else, we are not soldiers.” 

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