Kinkai calls on Children of Zeus to take us on a drive with the “Top Down” in newest single

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

19 Apr 2020

Kinkai treats fans to a taste of what’s to come on his approaching album entitled: “A Pennies Worth”, which is expected to be released on 1st of May. 

With it’s release date right around the corner, it’s seems like the perfect time for Kai to unveil the mesmerising single “Top Down” featuring Manchester’s soul/hip-hop duo Children of Zeus. 

Production duo Blue Lab Beats, merge sultry jazz elements, hip-hop idioms and an ambient neo-soul to emanate a smooth hypnotic experience. While the artists offer up vibrant verses to paint a portrait of pure bliss.  

Kinkai told Clash: “The weather has been getting warmer and everyone’s stuck inside. But I had this rather dangerous vision of speeding through a forest in a convertible, Henny in my hand a pretty girl driving. I told Zeus my vision and we pretty much brought it to life. At times we overthink what fun is and sometimes it’s just being creative.”

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