KO Drops Visuals To Solo “Tables Turn” Track

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

18 Mar 2021

When Homerton’s KO announces a solo release, it is both highly-anticipated and special. He doesn’t disappoint in his brand-new “Tables Turn” track, and lives up to his ‘Drilliam Shakespeare’ status through his pen.

KO has taken steady strides since the release of his defining “Like That” single, back in ‘017. The rapper has since proved his skill on two bodies of work: Drilliam Shakespeare, his independent project, and Class Of 98s, alongside wider rap collective, 98s.

Complimenting his real-life bars with melodious rhymes sets a new bar for KO, who shows an impressive ability to unravel a story in his solo release.

Watch above as the cinematic “Tables Turn” visuals play out!