Kofi Stone Releases ‘May Sound Crazy’ With Benjamin Zephaniah

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

22 Feb 2024

Kofi Stone has returned with his first single of the year, ‘May Sound Crazy’, featuring the legendary late poet Benjamin Zephaniah. The track has been accompanied by an emotional music video directed by Ross Carson that showcases the area of Birmingham that Kofi grew up in.

Stone has carved out a niche for himself thanks to his vivid storytelling and thoughtful lyricism. The artist has been making waves since 2017, while his counterpart in Zephaniah was one of the most important voices of his generation.

Speaking on the track, the artist stated:

“I wanted to tell my story on this record. My aim was to let the listener into my world. The highs, the lows, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the unfiltered truth. I wanted to highlight the city I grew up in and shed some light on it. I wanted to inject a sense of Brummie pride, and at the same time give you a snapshot of my life and the things I have had to deal with.

Working with Benjamin Zephaniah was truly a beautiful experience, he was so welcoming of me and my music. It was an honour to be in the room while he recorded his verse. Everyone present could feel how powerful his words were. This definitely was a moment I’ll never forget.”