KVKA Embraces His Woes In Recently Released Track “Heaven”

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

23 Dec 2020

Today, we highlight a fresh talent bubbling down under. While ONE FOUR fly the flag for Australia, it’s important to tap into the artists occupying surrounding sonics of it’s Rap scene.

Introducing KVKA an ascending rapper, born in Zambia who got his musical start in New Zealand. Before settling in Melbourne, where he is currently based.

KVKA distinctly pulls inspiration from the US’s musical landscape, from old school hip-hop to Travis Scott-esque atmospherics. 

Channelling the latter in his most recent release, Heaven, the artist is expressive and calculated with his pen. Creating lyrics that are transformed by his slick auto-tuned and melodic approach. All of which is engulfed by an ambient and experimental production. Anchored by several sounds, such as electronic, rock and trap.

“Heaven is about my relationship with music and the battle to reach my goals. Sometimes it can feel like purgatory to get there, I’m not just starting out but I know there’s still a road ahead. It’s about taking the last leap towards your dreams but also making peace with the time you spend in limbo. It’s also about navigating the darkness in my life and in the world, and searching for harmony in that.” — KVKA

Tune into KVKA’s latest cut in the video above!