Kwengface Reveals Identity And Drops His Bally On COLORS Performance

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

11 Apr 2023

Peckham rapper Kwengface has removed his bally and revealed his identity after five years of anonymity in a performance of his new track, ‘Freedom’ on COLORS.

Ahead of his upcoming mixtape, ‘The Memoir’, dropping this Friday, Kweng has already linked up with Giggs, another Peckham native and a legend of UK Rap, on ‘Water’. The artist paid homage to Giggs by shooting the video in the same location as the video for ‘Talkin The Hardest’.

‘Freedom’ sees Kwengface experiment with a fresh sound, as he brings his signature brand of bars to a Garage-inspired instrumental. Kweng performs with a level of finesse and technicality. This performance will thus prove to be a pivotal moment in the career of Kwengface, as he steps into the spotlight without the safety of anonymity, opening the door to a new beginning for the rapper.