kwn Drops Off New Single ‘five more’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

31 Aug 2023

East London artist kwn has unveiled her second single of the year, ‘five more’. The triumphant track showcases the artist’s unique voice and autotune treatments, as well as her strong songwriting ability.

Growing up in Walthamstow, kwn has established herself as a key figure in London’s alternative music scene, blending elements of Rap, Trap, and R&B whilst also demonstrating an innate ability for relatable lyricism. ‘five more’ was entirely produced and written by the artist, and marks a new chapter for kwn after last year’s ‘episode wn’ EP release.

Speaking on her latest offering, kwn states:

“5 more was definitely unexpected. I started the beat whilst I was sat in someone’s session and forgot about it, came back to it after a month or so and had the song by the end of the day. I wanted to show my personality more on this riddim I feel like my previous stuff is very heartfelt and a bit melancholy. but this is just unapologetically me – a bit cheeky, just a touch naughty and obviously in love with women. 

This isn’t a diss song to any old flames i’m just explaining to someone I can’t be there all the time I got plenty more ladies waiting at the door but I’m not gonna disclose whether that’s true or not though hahaha. 

But in all honesty this song is just a feel good tune that was super fun to make and I’m proud to say it’s written and produced by the wn and only!”