‘Lagga Szn’ s EP Reaction: TS proves why he is one of the best in his field

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

24 Oct 2022

Fresh off a string of successful releases, TS Lagga is undoubtedly the hottest name on the scene right now. Don’t believe us? One listen to his latest single, ‘Uno’ will surely vindicates Lagga’s high rating and credibility. A perfect teaser to his then-unreleased EP ‘Lagga SZN’, this was one project we could not wait to digest.

Here are the first impressions of the project by Members of MM’s writers team – Joe Simpson, Hollie May, Tom Atkinson and Harvey Marwood:

Best Track

Tom: ‘To The Back’ has TS Lagga bringing the vigour needed for this bouncy,
melancholic Drill sound. He sounds hungry and ready to take on anyone, with
just the right amount of bragging. This will certainly be one to get people
hyped at the live show.

Harvey: From start to finish, TS proves why he is one of the best in his field. This EP is one for the culture, one for the listener – sixteen minutes of pure excellence. 

Overall First Impression?

Joe: At such a young age, TS Lagga has proven he has an ear for a beat, and his ferocious flows are carried through the whole EP. He has certainly shown that he is a rising star within the UK scene.

Harvey: From ‘Uno’ to ‘More In The Clip’, we are taken on a musical offering that is of such high standard. With dynamic flows, hard hitting bars and stringent punchlines throughout the whole EP, TS Lagga is constantly evolving and levelling up – this project is factual proof of that

Hollie May: The single has a lot of potential, I feel this may be his lift off track. He’s very clever with his play on words, although the song itself is of a Drill nature its playful with the lyrics making it enjoyable to listen to and in turn moreish.

Tom: This EP provides a nice variety between energy and storytelling. The flows could have had a bit more variety, but there’s content to digest and he knows how to ride the beat. TS Lagga isn’t trying to do something too different from the formula, but this will satisfy fans’ appetite for new music.