Lagoon Wavey Comes Through With ‘Junipee’ Single

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

30 Jun 2022

Bajan singer, and songwriter Lagoon Wavey has released his new single ‘Junipee’. Returning in time for summer, ‘Junipee’ highlights Lagoon’s introspective side as he reflects on new beginnings ahead of the next era of his musical journey. Led by his hypnotic harmonies, the track reaffirms his signature genre-bending sound across a stripped-back production from Mathias Boman. Inspired by the juniper plant – a symbol of healing – the title is an ode to the plant and a subtle play on words. 

“‘Junipee’ is the first look into the transition and evolution of my music, probably my favorite song I’ve made so far. I’ve always wanted to make a song with a huge chorus.”

Born and raised in Barbados, Lagoon Wavey has continuously found himself drawing inspiration from the island’s wealthy cultural and musical background, collaborating with fellow natives in the process. Citing Rihanna and The Weeknd as key influences to his sound, he incorporates old singing techniques into his present day sound. Describing his current style as a mixture of Neo-Soul, Alt R&B, Afro and Soul, he is focused on progressing his artistry further and sees no boundaries in his way. Constantly generating ideas on the go, Lagoon allows his sonic to fluctuate depending on his instinctive feelings, prioritising music as a means to express himself. Common themes in his music run through love, relationships, and his upbringing in Barbados. 

You can listen to the track here: