LaRose interview with Avelino [@OFFICIALAVELINO] [@LASHAWNAROSE]

Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

12 Sep 2015

lhV7nDjd“The worst thing a man can do is have knowledge and not use it” …. AVELINO is an extremely lyrical rapper from Tottenham, North London.

The team and I at Mixtape Madness are huge fans of Avelino and his sound. I believe that Avelino brings depth, knowledge and real authentic lyrical music to the UK industry. This interview with Avelino has helped me gain a larger understanding of Avelino the artist and how he wants to impact his listeners.

When did you start rapping?

From about 15 years old, I was crap at first.

What does Avelino mean? Where does the name come from? Is it popular with lady friends?

Haha!! It’s my surname.

Do you ever feel pressure to dumb down your lyrics?

Never, the worst thing a man can do is have knowledge and not use it, there’s a word for that and that word is “stupid”.

How much of an outlet is music for you?

It’s the only one other then prayer.

As a rapper what do you want people to think once they hear your name?

The best.

What inspires you as a person and musically?

Genuine and good people inspire me, it’s always nice to be reminded that they still exist in this increasingly cold world.

How are you feeling about the response from the public referring to your latest music video, “Money Over Everything” which has gained over 23,000 views?

I won’t generate a ridiculous number of views for now if ever, but hype fades & longevity stays. The key for me is to control & cater.

What was your concept around the track ‘Freedom’ featuring Wretch 32 and do you feel like it has been used as an outlet for yourself?

That song was recorded during the darkest moment in my whole fucking life, I just lost my best friend…it was either fuck the world and hate existence, or grow, I’ve grown.

After listening to your track ‘Iconic Ambition’, I want to know what are you aiming to bring to the industry?

I want to be a reference point for the youth not only of today but of generations to come…the glass ceiling exists only in our minds, fuck what they taught you go and be great my g.

After making tracks with other great UK artist, such as; Wretch 32, Etta Bond, Raf Riley, Bonkaz, Stormy .. who else would you like to work with?

All those artists are my friends, I have no specific aspirations in terms of features but I look forward to what the future holds…I just want to make great music with great people, I love what God has blessed us with.

When did you fall in love with music?

From early! We all did.