LA’s Breakout R&B Artist Blxst Talks All Things ‘No Love Lost’

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

11 Dec 2020

Posing as one of LA’s most exciting R&B acts to emerge, Blxst first launched onto the scene back in 2015 and it’s been nothing but an up-hill climb since. The multi-talented artist from a young age, took it upon himself to refine a set of skills that would later on enable him to grow as an artist, songwriter, producer as well edit his own music videos and create the artwork for his music.

Catching the eyes of many earlier this year with the release of ‘No Love Lost’, Blxst has become an artist to watch in no time at all. In coating an array of textured R&B inspired instrumentals with relatable and vulnerable wordsmith, the rising force has built an impressive and boast worthy fan base that has been championing his artistry since.

We caught up with promising star to talk all things ‘No Love Lost’ and more!

How have you been?! How have you found this pandemic?!

This pandemic has definitely been an eye opener for me as far as structuring your priorities and focusing on what really matters. Helped me realize health is wealth.

Do you have any Netflix recommendations?!

Currently I’m watching Ozark!

For people that aren’t aware of who you are, could you tell us a bit more about your upbringing and how you were introduced to music?

I grew up on the Eastside of LA and I was the youngest. So, in my household I was very observant. As I got older, I was inspired by my Uncle and my sister. I fell in love with the art of using words and putting words together. You can say music chose me I did not choose music.

Were their certain artists you grew up listening to that inspired you? I heard you previously started music because you were bored…

Artists like Nate Dogg, Erykah Badu, and D’Angelo.

If you could use three words to describe your sound, what would they be and why?

Honest, melodic and vulnerable.

I was listening back to your previous interviews and you spoke about refining your own skill set with production and graphic design. How important do you think this is an upcoming artist? What made you decide to pick these up?

Well, earlier on I didn’t have that many resources, so I took it upon myself to teach myself different programs. But also, it was fun just learning something new every day!

One thing you are known for is your wordsmith, you are very relatable and fresh in many ways. How is it for you writing for other artists? Do you find that it can affect your own material at all?

Not really, not if the artist already has their own direction – it doesn’t affect my own material at all!

So, you dropped ‘No Love Lost’ earlier this year and you’re about to drop the Deluxe version which is exciting! Talk to me about the concept behind this project?

The original EP tells a story on its own and the Deluxe is just like the directors cut of that story.

How long did it take to curate?

A couple of the songs were already recorded, and it was really about me sourcing the features which only took about a couple months.

With the Deluxe version you have added a couple of features! What was it about these artists that you wanted them involved with the project?

It was intentional for me to capture a moment with big LA artists so that I can show that I can hang with the big dogs.

Did you have a lot to select from for the Deluxe? These tracks feel different, they are a lot more up-beat!

Not really, these are songs I wanted to give to the fans but in a unique way.

Having now put out the project, are there any tracks in particular that you resonate more with now in comparison to the recording process?

Yeah, I would say like “Be Alone” and even “Hurt”, just because of the reactions from the fans and seeing how my words resonate with them.

In producing and writing all of your material, what’s your creative process like? Do you prefer to work in certain settings or get something down first or?

I prefer working in the comfort of my own home, so I can be myself.

Are you tapped in at all with the British scene? Anyone you like or have been listening to?

No! But I would like to, send me some suggestions!

What can we expect to hear from you this coming 2021?

A full length body of work!

Listen to ‘No Love Lost’ Deluxe below, and keep up to date with Blxst via his Instagram here.