LEMZI Drops New Project ‘Outliers’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

18 May 2023

East London artist LEMZI has delivered his latest project, ‘Outliers – A Creative Project by LEMZI’. The album is split into three parts and encapsulates what makes the musician unique as an artist.

The Leytonstone artist mixes a wide range of influences across the release, moving from the piano led instrumentals of ‘Gemini Spirit’ to the more Alternative stylings of ‘Mad Journey’. LEMZI’s laid back flow and lyrical dexterity are apparent throughout the album, while the chaptering of the project demonstrates a clear vision from the artist.

Speaking on the project, LEMZI states:

“It’s a concoction of pandemic times, relationship grievances, finding forms of mindfulness, serendipitous meetings, and alternative, creative ways of expression. The first song written here was “Mad Journey” and the second was “The Slump”, within 2 months of each other. Very different headspaces in quick succession. Everything else came as & when it felt appropriate.”

This project is demonstrative of an artist who is continuing to grow and evolve as their career develops. LEMZI has a strong foundation of talent thanks to his wordplay and production choices, and he will be hoping that ‘Outliers’ takes him to the next step of his journey.