Len Taps Odunsi The Engine For ‘BEBE’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

22 Jun 2023

Having already enjoyed an outstanding breakout year, Len has teamed up with Nigerian artist Odunsi The Engine to deliver his latest track, ‘BEBE’. The new drop leans into Len’s Nigerian heritage, drawing upon Alté influences to give the single an undeniable feel good energy.

The rapper has made waves in 2023 thanks to tracks such as ‘ADDICTION’ and ‘BOOTZBOTTEGA’. Len’s unorthodox rapping style and diverse production make him one of the most exciting talents of an emerging new generation, with the artist recently being co-signed by Dave.

‘BEBE’ sees Len in his element, manipulating his vocals whilst also providing the unfiltered lyricism that we have become accustomed to. Having already stepped out at Boiler Room, Recessland, and making an appearance on the Victory Lap cypher, Len is staking his claim as a leader of a new generation of UK rappers, and with his ‘Lehgoland’ mixtape on the way, he is showing no signs of slowing down.