Len Releases Highly-Awaited ‘DEAD END’ Mixtape Ft Sam Wise, ayrtn + aonenine

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

28 Apr 2022

Len’s highly-awaited ‘DEAD END’ mixtape has finally arrived, featuring leading cuts such as “D3VILGOTSTEEZE” and he’s accompanied by the likes of Sam Wise.

In the lead up to the anticipated release, the South Londoner attracted more engagement with his bespoke ‘DEAD END’ merch and recently his ‘Welcome To The Dead End’ documentary. 

Len lets his fans – “the sexy women who wanna feel sexier and the braggadocious men who have more to brag about” – know that he’s rolled his newest project out his way and when you listen to the 12-track mixtape, it’s clear that the artist has levelled up yet again.

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