Lil Skies Drops All-New ‘Unbothered’ Album Featuring Lil Durk & Wiz Khalifa

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

22 Jan 2021

Delivering his highly awaited sophomore album ‘Unbothered’, Lil Skies has returned with a quality body of work featuring the likes of Lil Durk and Wiz Khalifa.

Spread across 14 tracks, majority of which were freestyled, “When I made my first mixtape, it was all freestyle,” he says. “I hadn’t done that in so long. I spent so much time writing songs. A lot of these tracks were just off the top of my head. It was more challenging and rewarding for me.” said Lil Skies, ‘Unbothered’ was pieced together throughout the terror-dome of a year – i.e. 2020! Boasting his undisputed artistry, that has seem him gain millions of supporters, this cohesive body of work represents where Lil Skies is at in his life right now.

With the aim to inspire his listeners, Lil Skies asked fans to take away the following “When you hear the record, I hope you’re inspired to do what you want to do and not let hate tear you down,” he leaves off. “There’s a lot of bad stuff in the world. I’m telling the kids to stay grounded, and I’m telling myself to stay grounded and keep working too. Understand there are going to be some dark days and bad days, but you’ll come out stronger for sure. Keep chasing the dream.”

Take in the album below.