Listen: DJ Critical Hype’s new ‘blend tape’ fuses J Cole and The Neptunes

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

22 Apr 2020

Prolific ‘blend tape’ creator, DJ Critical Hype has created an invigorating fusion of sounds, once again. 

This time, Critical blesses us with a 30-track project, entitled “In Search of… COLE” – that marries the incredible wordsmith of the rapper with the legendary production of The Neptune’s. The DJ told Genius that he reached out to the Dreamville President, Ibrahim Hamad. Who gifted him with unreleased acappella raps from Cole for the tape.

This epic combination will hopefully awaken those who have never scratched below the surface of Cole’s mainstream hits. Additionally, unearthing an abundance of records, the production duo are responsible for. DJ Critical Hype told HipHopdx, “A lot of people don’t know how many big records the Neptunes produced, so I always wanted to shine a light on the amount of hit songs the Neptunes produced.”

Speaking on the tape, “I always wanted to do a blend with Cole vocals and trying a few possibilities, he just sounded really dope over Neptunes beats,”. He adds, “Cole doesn’t rap on high energy beats with big drums often like the type that Neptunes typically produce. It’s a cool change of pace for Cole and nice to hear him on those old classic hard-hitting Neptunes beats.”

Stream the 30-track tape here