‘Live From The Gutter’ Podcast: ‘LFTG’

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Mixtape Madness Bloggers

9 May 2021

Originating from Birmingham, UK thriving content creator CJ Edwards unleashes his
first ever episode of brand new music and entertainment based podcast. With
influence from Drake’s 2015 ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ Mixtape, CJ named his long-
awaited podcast ‘Live From The Gutter’ further enforcing its impactful association
with the world of music. Discussing topics on prominent US artist – J Cole’s
upcoming project ‘The Off Season’ as well as his previous work, subsequently
branching off onto other 21st century classic releases. Keeping all audiences
engaged, more subjects are later unveiled such as DJ Khaled’s new album, Noel
Clarke being exposed and the national disappointment of highly approved UK TV
show ‘Line Of Duty’. A compelling, informative podcast tackled with a range of
opinions – ‘Live From The Gutter’ is undeniably one to tune in to! – Casey

Birmingham’s very own tastemaker, CJ Edwards is finally here with Live From The
Gutter – a podcast centred around diving into topics regarding the culture: for the
culture. In this first drop, the Birms native talks J Cole’s upcoming project ‘The off
Season’, Cole’s position on the international music scene among the likes of
Kendrick Lamar and Drake, raising important conversations regarding well-known
personalities in the Entertainment industry as well as tapping into the recent ending
of BBC’s Line of Duty. This pilot is packed, and definitely building up anticipation for
what listeners can expect for the coming future, so be sure to listen! – Amanda

Listen to the first episode below.