London’s C3llyPizzaz Drops ‘The Streets Are Nostalgic’ Tape Ft Lancey Foux, Knucks, NYC’s Kai Ca$h + More

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

11 Nov 2021

Out of East London comes a flagrant talent and producing mastermind by the name of C3llyPizzaz.  

The emerging artist has pulled the nicest from London and America for his sophomore ‘The Streets Are Nostalgic’ project, following his ‘Street Handsome’ debut last year. Doing it big, C3llyPizzaz enlists the likes of Danny Stern (House Of Pharaohs), LA’s Joyce Wrice and Lancey Foux. 

The 5-track tape is a melting pot of old-school Hip Hop flair, slick sonics and authentic rhymes. Don’t let it slip under the radar and get into the world of the Newham native.  

Spin The Streets Are Nostalgic above!