London’s Songstress Mercy’s Cartel Returns With All-New “Criminal”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

26 Mar 2021

London’s rising songstress Mercy’s Cartel has just released her brand new single entitled “Criminal”.

Housing production from both Mercy’s Cartel and Dom Porter, “Criminal” is heavily inspired by lovers who are daring enough to break the rules – especially during these times! طاولة الروليت Encapsulating the 80’s with an overwhelming groove and feel-good energy, Mercy’s Cartel boasts her butter-like vocals atop in order to create the ultimate dance track!

Speaking on the release, Mercy commented; “Being able to produce and write this track with minimal input has been such a great experience. I grew up listening to a lot of Michael Jackson and Prince so I wanted to create a track for the current 80’s trend that reflects the biggest black artists of that era,” says Mercy. سباق الخيل مباشر

“I feel like I am such a playful, flirtatious and boisterous being and with every release, I’m revealing that more and more. I love to meet people and develop connections and trust me, lockdown did not stop me! Yes, I continued to swipe on about 3 dating apps incessantly and I met someone who made me FEEL things. All I wanted was for life to go back to normal so we could have a chance to experience each other authentically. This song is about me coming to my breaking point, yelling “fuck the government and fuck Boris”, and telling this man that I’m coming round ASAP (obviously, I didn’t – this is hyperbole). بوكر عربي

Listen to the track below.